Etika v laboratorijski medicini

Delovna skupina IFCC za področje etike (Task Force on Ethics "TF-E") je pripravila knjižico publikacij na temo etike v laboratorijski medicini.

Dear Colleagues:

I'm happy to present the “Toolkit”, prepared by the TF-E in order to help and facilitate access to bibliography referred to Ethics in Laboratory Medicine.

You will find relevant articles, documents, guides, codes, regulations and chapters of books referred to Ethics applied to Laboratory practice into separate folders, as per below list, currently uploaded on the IFCC website.

  • References are written following the Vancouver recommendations for citing articles.
  • Some articles could be placed under more than one topic so in case you do not find an article, you can search under other different topics.
  • Under Item 8, referred to Education, some chapter of books for teaching purposes are included.
  • Under Item 9 some of current compiled bibliography will be re-ordered in the next future, as more references will be included.

Dr Nilda Fink
TF-E Chair


"Toolkit" je dostopen na naslednji povezavi: IFCC