Interaktivni praktični primeri IFCC

V imenu IFCC vas pozivamo, da sodelujete pri reševanju praktičnih primerov iz laboratorijske medicine ("Interactive Case Scenarios - Approach to Common Problems in the Medical Laboratory"). Trenutno poteka reševanje tretjega primera z naslovom: "Reagent Out of Stock Events: How would you tackle this problem?".


Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to receive a good number of responses to our first two cases and continue with presenting more cases as scheduled earlier. The answers of the first two cases are available under the relevant section of the C-CLM's webpage. Please click the link to go to the Clinical Laboratory Management Toolbox where you can find the 3rd case scenario and the Answers section, as well.

Prof. Aye Aye Khine Wamono, will evaluate the answers and provide a feedback through the IFCC webpage. Please submit your answers directly to Prof. Wamono at

The C-CLM looks forward to your participation and performing fruitful interactive discussions with you!

Kind regards

Sedef Yenice, C-CLM Chair